Friday, October 31, 2008

A long time between drinks!

It has been a long time between drinks - my last entry must have been 6 weeks ago... I'm certain my teenage diary was never treated this badly!

I have been busy creating Christmas cards for myself and for my cardmaking classes. This first one is a simple one ... I've mounted a golden die cut, added holly, used a corner punch and stitched a few beads. I always make a bunch of Celtic cards, for my clan of Irish friends and family!

I have a thing for Angels, too. So angels always feature in my Christmas cards. I've simply added a lovely die cut angel and some bling jewels to a pricking pattern. Nice and simple, but effective!

Rather than posting all my pics here, I've added them all to the Christmas album in my Photobucket, which you can find at: .

Cheers! And Boo to you for a Happy Halloween!

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